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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  August 27, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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bolter. his restoring honor rally will be held in the same spot where dr. martin luther king jr. delivered his famous i have a dream speech and beck supporters won't be alone. a count rally led by reverend al sharpton will be less than a half mile away at the site of the mlk memorial. supporters have arrived here in washington to get a look at what is in store for them. we're beginning with tom fitzgerald live at the lincoln memorial with more on the beck rally,. >> reporter: the setup is similar to the concert held in january 2008 before president obama's inauguration and that is where the similarities end. they have said they're not happy with the direction of the country and has come to washington to voice the right to 1st amendment.
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spread out in front of the lincoln memorial, the massive stage that will play host to saturday's restoring honor rally is finally said. >> i think it's great to be here and to make a stand. >> reporter: not satisfied, hundreds of people turn out early to get a look at the setup and to take in the musical rehearsal. the united states park police has a policy of not estimating the size of expected crowds for events at the mall. the size of the setup is easy to see. organizers here are expecting a big turnout and possibly hundreds of thousands and many here say they wanted to take part in an event that they see as historic. >> deeply moving and it's spiritual to be around who
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travelled so far and some have sacrificed a lot to be here. >> i'm concerned about my children and grandchildren and what this country is going look like when they older. >> reporter: glenn beck, the host and organizer, said restoring honor will be a tribute to america and to people doing extraordinary things. while it's built as a non- political event, tea party bloggers say it will be hard to separate the two. >> and i think even though it's not supposed to be political, the economy is sliding to the abyss and it's clear that nobody in washington's democratic party knows what to do about it. >> reporter: as for the criticism from civil rights groups over the rally being held on the anniversary of the "i have a dream" speech, many here say they're exercising their 1st amendment rights like martin luther king. >> i am aware that there is criticism. >> what do you make of that? >> i think it's foolish and
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that what we're here representing is something that is a good thing for everybody. >> reporter: glenn beck did come out a short time ago and shook some hands, signed a couple of autographs and handed out tickets to the event at the kennedy center and one of the speakers will be the former governor sarah palin. and that is the story here at the national mall. >> and thank you. the other rally planned for saturday, the reclaim the dream event on the mall and organizers claim the beck rally is twisting the vision of martin luther king's vision on the speech. >> reporter: 47 years ago, walter fonteroy was a young civil rights worker.
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now, the former delegate said the planned glenn beck-sarah palin rally at the same site on the anniversary strikes the wrong chord. >> it would be wrong for us to allow those who e spouse the universal value of exclusion to hijack the site and the message of that marvelous day and use it against the very vision that martin luther king jr. articulated so magnificently. >> reporter: he said the dream speech rally prompted passage of the civil rights act the following year, the voting rights act two years later. reverend al sharpton organized a counterrally called reclaim the dream. that is set to begin at 11 on saturday morning at d.c.'s historic dun bar high school and new jersey in&m streets northwest. the school considering it a launching pad for many local and black leaders. from there, they will march to west potomac park next to the site where the mlk memorial is
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being built. sharpton said the message of beck and palin runs count irto the civil rights movement. >> which is what they're talking about was the antithesis of the civil rights movement and maybe if they read the speech rather than try to reclaim something that is imaginary, they would understand it. >> roz plater joins us live now from the national mall. how many people are expected at tomorrow's counterrale? rozk you hear me? okay -- roz, can you hear me? have. >> having issues. we'll try to get back to her later. there is preparations for the big day on the national mall tomorrow and we want to pass along to you, the rallies will close several roads, including 17th street between constitution and independence avenue. a stretch will be shut down and
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we invite to you check out and we have all the information there that you need and have much more information about the rallies on our website, click on web links. it's at the top of the home page. a traffic alert, even if you're not headed for the mall this weekend. the road work near interstate 66 and the capitol beltway could create delays of up to an hour. beware starting on 66 at nuttily boulevard. the traffic will go from three lanes to one and that work starts at 9 and continues through monday at 5 a.m. and if you're riding metro, expect to run into delays there. the crews laboratory tracks fixing the platforms and trimming the weeds along the red, blue, yellow and green lines. metro said passengers expect delays up to 30 minutes and we have details on the i-66 repairs and the metro train delays and also on and pepco facing a lot of criticism. how a commission plans to get to the bottom of the storm response which many customers have given a failing grade.
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plus, an american sentenced to hard labor overseas returns home after a former president wince his release. and a pair of local musicians coming together to try to keep adrian fenty in office for four more years. feld. and not great news here. as steven vase peck is getting shut down for the season and beyond. we'll tell you how severe his elbow is, what surgery he's planning to get and what the immediate and long-term ramifications will be. as the news edge at 6 from nats park continues live.
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>> meg accomplished, former president jimmy carter arriving in boston here with an american teacher who spent 7 months in north korea. he was teaching english in south korea and crossed into north korea and was arrested.
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he was facing eight years in prison and this week, north korea agreed to release gomes if carter came to get him. a new music video hit youtube promoting adrian fenty's bid for mayor. take a listen. ♪ ♪ >> the group sings about d.c. going backwards. and kids in the background or presenting four more years. it's in the middle of the tight race with the current councilman chairman vincent gray. and in fact, they will face off on fox 5 next week in a live debate. catch it here at 9:00 a.m. one week from today on fox 5 morning news. pepco trying to restore the faith of its customers. >> to restore confidence in the customers that we can run's district system. >> the promise comes as a
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commission launches a probe into the company's storm response. plus, five years after hurricane katrina, the city of new orleans is struggling to rebuild, why some say the social fabric of the crescent city is being destroyed. and the first family is taking full advantage of the gorgeous weather in new england today, hitting a bike trail on martha's vineyard as their vacation winds down and it was not all fun and games. he met with new york city mayor bloomberg to talk about the economy.
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no oil has flowed into the gulf for weeks, but it's just the beginning of our work. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone and the people and businesses are back to normal... until we make this right.
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>> eight years behind bars, the sentence handed to a teen who shot and injured a pepco worker last december. marleau johnson was 17 at the time and was charged as an adult. in may, he pleaded guilty to aggravated assault.
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johnson admits he got into a fight with a pepco worker who was making repairs in northwest. johnson later returned with a gun and intended to shoot that worker but instead shot another pepco worker who was trying to protect his colleague. we want to know everything. that is the message from the maryland public service commission to pepco. the commission is investigating pepco's response to those three major storms this summer that knocked out power to thousands of customers and they're asking the power company to turn over internal documents. this comes as pepco's president announces how he plans to improve future responses to outages and to keep customers better informed. matt ackland is on this one. >> reporter: let's talk about the demand for the internal documents. the maryland public service commission wants pepco to turn them over and basically wants to know what was behind the scenes. they plan to turn over most of the documents and maybe not
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all. the three storms in focus, july 25th, august 5th and august 12th, the storms hit hard leaving damage and power outages behind and so many people were left without power. they want a complete investigation into how pepco prepared before the storms and how it handled the power restoration afterwards. >> we look forward working with the commission and received a request for documents. woin the process of gathering that information. >> reporter: pepco plans to work with the maryland public service commission providing whatever it needs. the legal agreements with other electric companies may keep pepco from turning all internal documents. >> there is many records and documents within the utilities that we will release under a confidentiality agreement with the commission. it's a small percentage of the total -- total documents. >> reporter: meanwhile, today,
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in front of a major tree- trimming project, they got together and said customer complaints have not fallen on deaf ears. >> reliability will improve. >> reporter: 107 projects are underway in 16 communities and to upgrade service and prevent outages. graham said from now on, pepco will go to the people and offering customers a ride along with pepco cruise. >> we're not sending e-mails out to people or send you a newsletter to tell you what is going. we're coming in you'rity and we'll meet with you. >> reporter: he's pushing his team to improve reliability and electric performance over the next few years and pepco will spend a quarter million dollars to make sure the improvements happen. he said pepco can't promise anymore outages but can promise fewer in the future. >> and we're trying to restore confidence if in our customers that we can run an electric
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distribution system. >> the maryland public service commission is planning to hold a hearing. pepco said today they're in the process of providing that commission with most of the internal documents that it requested. by the way, the commission estimates a half a million people lost their power during the tomorrows -- storms. >> a lot of people paying close attention to this. thank you. and rising from the landfall of hurricane katrina. five years later, many communities are struggling to rebuild. the lower 9th ward in new orleans was one of the hardest hit and some organizations have been busy building new homes there. the houses are still more than many of the longtime residents can afford. >> the program that is to help is called the road home program and that was set up so people got reimbursed based on the value of their homes and in low-
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income neighborhoods, they were not high. when you might need 150,000 to rebuild. >> according to data tracking experts, the population of new orleans is about 78% back from where it was before the storm and -- in the lower 9th ward, 22% returned. and that put it's in perspective. >> and reminds me of how tremendous that season was. there was a storm and today, we're watching hurricane danielle. >> uh-huh. >> and that getting ready to pass by this weekend. >> yeah. >> and -- >> and this is danielle. >> okay. >> and going to miss bermuda and lots to talk about in the tropics. we'll focus locally first. this is a fantastic friday. >> i love it. >> was that chill when he you
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got up? temperatures dropping in the 50s and going to be a wonderful friday evening and check out the high temperatures, up to 83 degrees and dulles and bwi, 82 and a few clouds out there. i wish i should tell you we turned the corner and are not going to have big heat again. i can't. tomorrow, 86 degrees and sunday, though, we start another warming trend and i can't bear to call it a heat wave. that is going to be hard to take and get ready for it and that does not look like it's going to be lasting a long stretch and there is going to be warm days coming up and as a lot of kids are back in school, too. the high pressure is going to rule the next few days and that is going to be slow to bum. around it, it's hard to find clouds and showers and there are a few lingerring to virginia and a couple of places in the low 80s, gaithersburg,
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69 and cooler near water, leonardtown and annapolis at 77 degrees. the forecast tonight, clear skies and there will be 50s in the suburbs like last night and dropping to 64 degrees in that city. 86 degrees is warmer. the humidity will try to climb a about the and not out of control and a nice farewell to summer. at 8 in the morning, a cool start and 68 degrees in the district and 50sin the suburbs for some of you. lots to talk about in the tropics. check out danielle, a category 4 and look at the eye on this and that is moving to the west- northwest. tropical storm earl has not strengthened to a hurricane and that is expected to happen in a few days and this is a look at
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earl. there is something else and not a tropical depression and likely to develop into something and could be tropical storm fiona down the road and check out the tracks of the storms. danielle is a close call for bermuda on saturday and that will be amiss and going to get 10 to 18-foot waves there and earl will track closer to the coast and we hope that it, too, will stay off the east coast and to the beaches this weekend, watch the rip currents, that'll start in the carolinas on saturday. no rain but going to be heating up. >> thank you very much. did you see it? guitar-playing wannabes, the 15th annual air guitar championship in finland.
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that always cracks me up. and they came from south africa, australia and russia. the winner gets to take home the real thing. not just an air guitar. a flying thin electric guitar to strum it and let's put strings on them and see how they do. surgery likely for stephen strasburg. dave feldman is live at the ballpark. >> reporter: almost a foregone conclusion that steven strasburg is going to be out for a year and more. what he has to say about it and what the team said about his future as we continue in a live report on the news edge at 6. as it continues.
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[ male announcer ] there are many vehicles that claim to be just as capable off-road as the jeep grand cherokee. but without triple-sealed doors, a raised air-intake system, or even a watertight drivetrain, just how far off-road are they talking about? ♪ >> hi, everybody. i'm dave feldman live at nats park where the cardinals and nats will get underway in less than an hour. the big news is steven strasburg who said a couple of hours ago that he will undergo
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season-ending tommy john surgery and that is not good news. it's a grueling process on the right elbow that will require 12 to 18 months of rehab. it's possible he will miss all of next season. forget about this season, he's shut down. last saturday, the 12th start came and proved to be the last. he threw a 1-1 changeup in the fifth inning and grimmaced and believed he could pitch through it. the nats took him out of the game and the latest mri came back and said that he's done now and possibly for a year and more. >> kind of sucks to have it end like this, but, you know, i have had a lot of great experience while was up here. the weird thing about it, you know, that last game, they was when everything started to click. when i had that feeling. >> we're all disappointed this happened and i haven't been
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sleeping too well. >> and i don't sleep that well during the season anyway. am i disappointed? >> sure. >> he could takeitolas from his teammate zimmerman who started last night and exactly 399 days after undergoing tommy john surgery. jordan zimmerman above anyone else, knows what lays ahead for steven strasburg. >> and i told him to keep his head up and work hard through the process. once you get through the first couple of months, it will be smooth sailing after that. >> and 90% of the people that undergo the surgery have a complete recovery, including 10 pitchers in this year's all- star game who had undergone tommy john surgery. the redskins travel to the jets tonight. they won't have mcnabb. he's out and the most
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significant time for the starters, the first two games, the skins offense unscripted. tonight will be different. >> we'll go with a game plan this week with a third down game plan and something we haven't done. when you look at -- that is a huge factor. >> highlights at 10 and highlights of some history. natalie randolph will coach at coolidge high school and is the first-ever to coach varsity football in the district. back to you, laura. >> that is going to be fun to watch. see you at 10. now you have the news edge. thank you very much for joining us. mmmm.
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